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Pranava Living Light Activated Crystals
Pranava Spiral Galaxy copyright Celestial Lights

  The Light of the Source
          Manifesting in Creation

    The Ancient wisdom of India's sacred texts describes the Primordial (first or initial) Light of the Source manifesting and moving in creation.  The manifestation or vibration of that Light is referred to as Pranava or Aum.... This Initial Creative Impulse is expanded and transmitted into the power of Expansion, Creation, Sustenance and Transformation.

      Pranava Activated Crystals™ have the potential to awaken and trigger in us:  
      Awareness of Being,
      Connection of our Elemental Core with the
       five elements of the universe
      Ultimate Expansion of Consciousness
       This energy holds the complete spectrum of Being and Matter.

    Ascension Dome and Pyramid

    The energy of these Activated Crystals is that of the primordial vibration or energy, that spiraled out from the Source and formed the cosmos. Using a light technology device we call the Pranava Activator™, we are able to program living crystals with the remembrance of the process of creation, the AtmaPrakasha. They become Living Light.....powerful healing tools that can be used to balance, heal, and activate higher levels of being by restoring the remembrance of the Divine Source to all levels of the body, mind and spirit.

    Pranava: The Breath of Creation

    Pranava is the ancient Sanskrit term for Life-Force Energy --- the active expression of the Source of Consciousness as it manifests, supports and unfolds Creation. It is the origin and basis of all that exists. It is the source of the five cosmic elements: earth, air, fire, water and ether---- the essential building blocks of creation.

    Pranava Energy Activated Crystals™ are living expressions of divine qualities that radiate to assist us in remembering and returning to our eternal state of perfection--- our original state of Oneness with our Source.

    Pranava Crystals are essential aids for all kinds of personal spirit, mind & bodywork such as Meditation, Yoga, Visualization, Ascension, etc. They can align, awaken, harmonize and clarify our Chakras (vital energy centers) as well as our five etheric (subtle) energy bodies. This in turn allows for greater vitality, health, emotional balance, mental clarity and higher awareness. These very powerful energy tools can initiate, stimulate, and support our own evolution to greater states of awareness, wholeness and self-realization.

    Pranava Energy Activated Crystals restore the remembrance of the Source of creation to the cells: they align, balance & clarify the Chakras, restore health to the body, harmonize the environment, and enhance and accelerate spiritual advancement.

    Enhance your Healing Practice with Pranava Crystals

    Because they are so powerful and versatile these Living Light Crystals can greatly enhance and support all traditional as well as alternative healing modalities such as: Reiki, Pranic Healing, Massage, Aromatherapy, all Subtle Energy Therapies, Light, Color & Sound Therapies, Chakra Clearing & Balancing, Intuitive Counseling, Aura Soma, Flower & Gemstone Essences, all Vibrational Healing techniques, the list is endless.

    Pranava Activated Crystals also restore harmony to the environment and are excellent tools for Feng Shui and other techniques and systems whose goal is to create harmonious, beneficial Chi energy in a space, room or environment.

Pranava Energy Activation
Exclusively from Celestial Lights

Our crystals are unique because we activate or "charge" them energetically in our Pranava Energy Activator.
Prana is the ancient Sanskrit word that means the Breathe of the is the the essence of  the Life- Force Energy that creates and supports all of Life. All healing & wholeness flow from it. It is the Light Signature of the Creator, carrying the blueprint for the remembrance of the Source. 

The Pranava Energy Activator is the creation of Sebastian Posern, energy healer and founder of Celestial Lights Crystals. Our activation process is a multistep procedure that basically charges each crystal with a special Lifetronic Light Frequency or Prana. The crystal is now charged and activated permanently to attract and transmit charged Lifetrons or Prana healing energy.

Our special Pranava activation process imbues a particularly gentle nurturing aspect of the Divine Mother Nature of the Universal Source. It is excellent for those souls who are especially drawn to the energies of the Divine Feminine, Nurturing and Loving aspect of Creation. Pranava Crystals are the perfect tool for all energy healers, light-workers, spiritual aspirants and individuals who are seeking a powerful yet gentle loving, positive energy to balance and harmonize themselves, their loved ones, clients and environment

© Copyright 1992- 2013 Pranava and Pranava Energy Activator are tradenames of Celestial Lights, LLC  all rights reserved

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